PR Playbook: The Elephants in the Newsroom
Elephant in the Newsroom

PR Playbook: The Elephants in the Newsroom

Pitching stories to national media today takes place with three major stories already rumbling in the background: the coronavirus, racial unrest in our country, never mind the pending hurricane season emerging at roughly the same time, and an impending election.

All three of these stories are huge, and potential news items that don’t relate to any of them will struggle to be heard. At the same time, concocting a connection to one or more of these epochal stories could be seen as contrived at best, a naked profit grab from disaster – unconvincing to editors and reporters tasked with deciding what’s worthy of attention.

At 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM EST, on June 25, Lumina Communications will host an invitation-only webinar to help marketing and communications professionals figure out how to prioritize their news and best present it to the media. Panelists will include Gerard Baker, Editor at Large, The Wall Street Journal; Eric Savitz, Associate Editor, Barron’s; Brenna Goth, Southwest Staff Correspondent, Bloomberg publications; and Scott Budman, Business and Technology Reporter for NBC.


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The webinar will be hosted by John Furrier, Co-founder & CEO of SiliconANGLE Media.

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