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Jordan Hubert runs the agency’s social media program, serving clients in numerous industries, including cybersecurity, DevOps, cloud services, fintech, manufacturing, HR tech, networking, and martech.

He provides strategic counsel to clients and manages their social media content to help them engage with key audiences and influencers.

Jordan previously worked at DreamWorks Animation, where he managed teams of artists for rounds and dailies sessions with producers and directors to review shots and publicity stills for movies. He also organized many screenings and events while at DreamWorks and worked closely with the marketing/PR department at Paramount Pictures in the distribution of DreamWorks’ films. His interest in social media and public relations was sparked after taking several courses in the field while a Communication major at Santa Clara University (from which he received a B.A. degree) and after working at Stanford University School of Medicine, Cinequest Film Festival, and NBC 11, where his responsibilities ranged from serving as an intermediary between the media and physicians, to organizing and promoting a movie series, to working with photographers and reporters directly in the field on creating television news stories, respectively.

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Jordan has a good sense of the area and the market. He is also a whiz on movie, music and pop culture trivia and enjoys playing tennis and golf.