Lumina Case Study: onesignal

OneSignal hired Lumina to be their agency of record after a fresh funding round in 2019 to further expand the company’s visibility as a leader in the customer messaging space, focusing on push notifications.
The company has a strong roster of customers, but we faced a few initial challenges from a PR perspective.

Firstly, we were fighting for media visibility in an industry dominated by more prominent players in the multi-channel customer engagement platform market.

Secondly, while most competitors were positioning as a multi-channel solution, we were tasked with executing a hyper-focused campaign focused on push notifications and customer retention.

Finally, in addition to reaching marketing leaders, we also had to appeal to developers who would benefit from OneSignal’s low code solutions. These challenges required us to step outside of the box when executing media campaigns to place the right stories in the right target publications to reach a developer audience.

With the challenges and our client’s goals in mind, we developed a three-pronged PR strategy that focused on leveraging timely trends, executive thought leadership, and develop-centric storytelling.

1. Newsjacking: The team leveraged timely trends to insert OneSignal into the broader media discussion tied to customer messaging and engagement. Some examples include offering commentary around how small businesses can revamp their customer engagement approach during COVID and the evolution of Black Friday sales. We were also able to make our stories more relevant to journalists and easier to digest for a broader audience. This was achieved through rapid response commentary, bylines, and executive Q&As.

2. Executive Thought Leadership: We focused on elevating the profiles of key OneSignal executives and positioning them as experts to push the narratives among key decision-makers in target markets and verticals. We worked with executive leaders at OneSignal to identify these key verticals from a customer acquisition perspective, including gaming, media, and eCommerce. Then, we focused on establishing executive thought leadership within those verticals by placing commentary, op-eds, and guest contributions. Finally, we leveraged key partnership announcements supporting these use cases, including those with Shopify, WordPress, HubSpot, and Unity Gaming. These enabled us to drive home the business impact of investing in the customer experience throughout a user’s journey and the potential implications for specific industries.

3. Developer Campaigns: With the increased interest in no code/low code SaaS solutions, we touted OneSignal’s deep technical stack and how its simplistic approach enabled developers of customer messaging platforms to more easily achieve their goals. As we’ve seen, developers respond better to stories told directly by their peers. Therefore, we decided to bring expertise from various technical staff at OneSignal to highlight issues facing developers and the best practices for leveraging simpler solutions to build a customer messaging technology stack. Tactically, the team accomplished this through multiple rapid response and byline placements in technical publications such as SD Times, Dice Insights, TechRepublic, and


Lumina Communications secured more than 350 media placements in a year for SaltStack, culminating with the company’s acquisition by VMware in 2020. When the program launched, one of SaltStack’s stretch goals was acquisition within 12-18 months. With Lumina’s guidance and support, the company achieved this goal within 12 months of starting its program. Along the way, the Lumina team drove many major successes in addition to all of SaltStack’s top-tier business, technology and trade media results. This includes strategic award wins, such as the SC Award for Best Risk/Policy Management Solution at RSAC 2020 and Cutting Edge InfoSec Startup of the Year by Cyber Defense Magazine, as well as recognition as Hottest new cybersecurity products at RSA Conference 2020 by CSO Magazine and 5 hot network-automation startups to watch by NetworkWorld.

Through the Lumina Communications program, SlatStack achieved frequent and consistent media coverage on a range of topics, but centrally focused on ITOps, infrastructure and network automation; DevOps and software development; and security automation and cybersecurity trends. These efforts resulted in placements that spanned key business, technology, and trade press, including Forbes, Fast Company, The Guardian, The Street, TechRepublic, The Register, ZDNet, The New Stack, TechTarget, InformationWeek, Dark Reading, SC Magazine, Data Center Knowledge, CSO Magazine, NetworkWorld, Container Journal,, SiliconANGLE, and SDxCentral, among many others.

The Lumina program also delivered substantial social media growth, increasing followers across channels – LinkedIn by more than 1000, Facebook by more than 500, and Twitter by more than 300 – in roughly 10 months.