Branding, Web Design

Branding & Web Design Project for Lacework

In the beginning of 2017, Lacework, Inc. approached Lumina in need of a new website. They were nearing their launch date and wanted a new website that offered more valuable content, drove leads, and was something the company could be proud of. The project wouldn’t start there, though. Lacework’s logo was inadequate and their brand was non-existent. If their new website was going to be as stellar as they hoped, their brand would need to be stellar, too. This is where Lumina kicked it into gear.


Lacework’s technology is the industry’s first zero-touch platform for cloud workload security. Their marquee product, Polygraph™, monitors cloud systems and detects any abnormalities or deviations in usual operations. When designing their original logo, their intent was to show an abnormality within the shape that represents a breach. Their new logo would improve upon this concept. First, the Lumina design team decided to change the hexagon shape to a shield shape in order to more directly assert the industry they are involved in. Then, a shiny blue gradient was applied to represent the intricacies of a cloud workload system. And finally, the original concept of an abnormality in the system is represented by the empty slash through the middle of the shield.

[ Old Logo ]

[ New Logo ]

The Brand

From their the Lumina design team charged ahead to craft a brand that supplemented the new look and feel of Lacework. Fonts, colors, and visual schemes were finalized to bring Lacework’s brand to life.

Website Design & Development

Lacework’s new site was built in WordPress for easy updates and content management. The site showcases their product, offers valuable information and company assets, and drives business leads all while scaling gracefully to any device.


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