Branding & Business Card Design for AsTech

At the beginning of 2017, our client, AsTech Consulting chose to work with Lumina’s design team on a new brand and business card design. They had grown tired of their former logo and felt that it didn’t communicate the messages their company was trying to put forth. For a company that offered cyber security risk assessment and management, they needed a brand that fortified their position in the cyber security space and distinguished them visually.

[ Old Logo ]


After some back and forth about the pain points of the old brand, the core values of the company, and the primary audience that AsTech engages with, Lumina offered a few logo concepts to consider.

[ 1st Round Logo Concepts ]


Since overt allusions to the ancient Aztec civilization were not ultimately desired, AsTech Consulting asked us to elaborate on the 3rd, digital fingerprint concept. After some evolution and refinement, a final logo was presented and they fell in love with it.


[ Digital Fingerprint Brainstorm ]



New Logo

[ Various Uses ]

Business Cards

Over the next couple weeks, the logo was accompanied with an official color palette, fonts, CTAs and visual schemes. The full branding guide was delivered and their new business card design was ready for printing. It features a dark frontside complete with the AsTech logo and Spot UV detailing, as well as a light backside with all the essential personal information using the official font and colors.