Social Media

You’ve earned great coverage.
It’s time to tell everyone.

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses that understand its nuances and how to tap its potential. The lines today between personal and professional have become sufficiently opaque, and the team at Lumina understands that social media marketing holds a critical place in a company’s PR efforts.

Social channels reach real people, and a corporate social initiative needs to be engaging for these real people. To be truly effective across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, the Lumina team excels at helping businesses develop educational and non-promotional content that supports key company messages and brand attributes.


Content Creation

We help develop your voice

Too often companies’ output on social networks consists of strictly promotional content with large gaps in time between each tweet and post. Lumina provides clients with a balance of promotional and educational content posted on a regular basis, driving awareness for your brand while positioning you as a thought leader.

Community Management

Connect with the right people

Getting the right people to follow your brand and share your content is a key component of social media. Lumina monitors social networks to identify key influencers and decision makers as well as thought leaders and prospective customers in target verticals.


Start a conversation

Regardless of what industry your company is in, there are conversations on social media that you can insert yourself into – whether those are with a journalist, analyst, thought leader, customer or prospect. Lumina helps clients engage with the right audiences to join the right conversations.


See where it counts

Social media reporting helps identify and inform future activity not only in your social circles but also across all your marketing channels. Lumina measures the results of your output on social networks on an ongoing basis and ensures your brand continues to grow on social media based on where we’re seeing success.




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