Combining style and substance.

A brand is ultimately defined by the perceptions of its customers, prospects and other key constituents. Managing these perceptions requires a delicate combination of creativity and execution.

Lumina’s creative services guide our customers along the path of building a relationship with your brand, creating loyalty, differentiation and ultimately, measurable value. Whether it’s a full re-brand, website design or a simple infographic, our approach ensures that communications — written or visual — work together to create a consistent, focused and differentiated brand experience.

Sending a powerful and coherent message through visual media requires artistic strength with discernible communiqué and attention to detail. Lumina understands these components and produces the most impactful visual media possible. With expertise spanning a vast array of media skill sets, our design team eagerly tackles any kind of project.

services-icon-Creative-pencilCREATIVE SERVICES

Branding & Corporate Identity

We help define your brand

Your brand is ultimately defined by your customers, but great design can influence them in powerful ways. Lumina’s team will work with you to craft a beautiful and meaningful brand that strengthens your company’s presence and communicates your value.

Web Design & Development

Make an impact with your virtual presence

Often times, your website is the first interaction that a potential client has with your company, and having a top-notch website that communicates your product succinctly on all devices is paramount to your success. Lumina’s design team offers end-to-end web design, development, and maintenance that will ensure your company’s virtual presence is seen in the best light.


Show ’em instead of tell ’em

Your company has awesome information to share, but not always in the most easily consumed form.  Infographics can transform word heavy and number rich documents into beautiful, easily digested visuals that send your message in a impactful and stimulating way.

Visual Design

Make it pretty

Whether it’s the crown jewel to your document or simple visual relief, visual design provides balance and relief for the eye.  Lumina’s design team can produce any sort of visual you may need: iconography, charts, patterns, advertisements, PowerPoint presentations, email newsletters, product sheets, and much more.




“Lumina demonstrated outstanding creativity and ingenuity in their work while staying responsive to our needs and suggestions throughout the project.”

Jane HenesseyPan Pacific Bank

“The Lumina Creatives Services team played a critical role in helping BeyondTrust differentiate in a highly competitive market. Their expertise allowed us to engage with our customers and prospects by way of infographics, web properties and design. In enterprise security, being able to rise above the market clutter is an absolute requirement for success and the Lumina Creative team helped us tremendously in that regard.”

Mike Puterbaugh, VP, Marketing, BeyondTrust