J. Bonasia

Senior Communications Strategist

J. Bonasia is based in the Silicon Valley office of Lumina Communications. His background is in tech journalism, most recently as a Staff Writer for Investor’s Business Daily, where he covered the software, hardware and tech services industries. J. has interviewed many Silicon Valley luminaries including John Chambers, Bob Metcalfe, John Warnock, Marc Andreessen, Marc Benioff and Steve Jurvetson.

Before joining Lumina, J. worked as a Research Associate at Clark Street Associates in Silicon Valley, where he developed PR campaigns for emerging technology companies, in addition to managing grant-writing proposals and R&D projects for client firms. Previously, J. served as a writer and editor for numerous magazines, newspapers, Websites and wire services, including Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of the National Student News Service. J. completed a Wharton Business School Seminar for Business Journalists, and graduated in journalism and English from the University of North Carolina. He is the author of “American Politics in the 20th Century” (Bluewood Books, 2000), and editor of “Technology in the 20th Century” (Bluewood Books).